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Posted on Jan 6th 2017. Tags: email, marketing, list

Why we are Evolving into a Conversion Optimization Platform
Seven years ago, VWO was created with the aim to make marketers lives simpler. With its easy-to-use visual editor, it helped marketers focus on their main job (to increase conversions), than to chase the elusive IT team to get that A/B test running. In these seven years, searches for A/B testing have gone through the […] The post Why we are Evolving into a Conversion Optimization Platform appeared first on VWO Blog.

Your VWO Campaigns Will Not Be Affected by the or Any Other DNS Outage
Yesterday, a massive distributed denial of services (DDoS) attack on DynDNS server shook the internet with popular websites like Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, AirBnB, Shopify and thousands morebeing inaccessiblefor most part of the day. The enormous scale of this outage impacted millions of users across the globewith billions of dollars being lost in revenue and business. […] The post Your VWO Campaigns Will Not Be Affected by the or Any Other DNS Outage appeared first on VWO Blog.

15 Conversion Rate Experts Share Why to Step Up from A/B Testing to Conversion Optimization
A/B testing and conversion rate optimization (CRO) are not synonymous, but often confused. A/B testing is exactly what it saysa test to verify different sets of variations on your website. Conversion rate optimization, however, is much more than just testing. Conversion optimization is a scientific process that starts with analyzing your business’ leaks, making educated […] The post 15 Conversion Rate Experts Share Why to Step Up from A/B Testing to Conversion Optimization appeared first on VWO Blog.

[Gifographic] Better Website Testing A Simple Guide to Knowing What to Test
Note: This marketing infographic is part of KlientBoosts 25-part series. You can subscribe here to access the entire series of gifographics. If youve ever tested your website, youve probably been in the unfortunate situation of running out of ideas on what to test. But dont worry – it happens to everybody. That’s of course, unless […] The post [Gifographic] Better Website Testing – A Simple Guide to Knowing What to Test appeared first on VWO Blog.

How Agencies Should Approach Conversion Optimization for eCommerce | An Interview with AWA Digital
Going ahead with our interview series, this time we are in conversation with Johann Van Tonder from AWA Digital. Johann, is the COO at AWA Digital, a leading international Conversion Optimization (CRO) agency, specializing in eCommerce.   He is also the coauthor of the book E-commerce Optimization, out in January 2017. He speaks about how […] The post How Agencies Should Approach Conversion Optimization for eCommerce | An Interview with AWA Digital appeared first on VWO Blog.

Analyzing User Behavior for Smarter A/B Testing | Use Cases for Travel Industry
Knowing how your users interact with your website helps you learn what motivates or stops them from converting. Naturally, analyzing user behavior (or visitor behavior) is the first step that enterprises operating online should take toward conversion optimization. Travel enterprises, particularly, majorly run their business online. Studying and understanding visitor behavior is, therefore, essential for […] The post Analyzing User Behavior for Smarter A/B Testing | Use Cases for Travel Industry appeared first on VWO Blog.

How RuneScape Leveled Up Revenue Through Process-Driven CRO
The following is a case study about how RuneScape followed a structured conversion optimization (CRO) program to increase revenue on its website. About RuneScape RuneScape is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It was developed by Jagex and launched in January 2001. The popularity of the game is enormous. RuneScape has welcomed over […] The post How RuneScape Leveled Up Revenue Through Process-Driven CRO appeared first on VWO Blog.

A 4-Fold Approach to Increasing Conversion Rate on your Website
The problem with a traffic graph thats going upward is that its not determinant of the number of customers. You can keep investing in traffic acquisition strategies until the cows come home, but that wont yield any tangible results if you dont optimize your website for conversions. But how do you go about adopting conversion […] The post A 4-Fold Approach to Increasing Conversion Rate on your Website appeared first on VWO Blog.

VWO On-Page Surveys Report 2016 | How Smart Enterprises Gather User Feedback
Gathering qualitative insights from your visitors can go a long way in deciding what to optimize. On-page Surveys or website surveys are one of the most certain ways to solicit such qualitative insights on what users actually think about your website and the areas where you can improve. However, these On-page surveys also need to […] The post VWO On-Page Surveys Report 2016 | How Smart Enterprises Gather User Feedback appeared first on VWO Blog.

Running an A/A Test Before A/B Testing Wise or Waste?
To A/A test or not is a question that invites conflicting opinions. Enterprises, when faced with the decision of implementing an A/B testing tool, do not have enough context on whether they should A/A test. Knowing the benefits and loopholes of A/A testing can help organizations make better decisions. In this blog post, weexplore why […] The post Running an A/A Test Before A/B Testing Wise or Waste? appeared first on VWO Blog.

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Looking for affordable and easy to use email marketing and autoresponder tools? Click here to start your free marketing trial with AWeber. Check out 15 examples of top-notch marketing and learn what makes them so effective. Level up with automation workflows, e-commerce-focused features, and more tools that will refine your strategy. Business and Consumer by Email-List Provides highest quality of for all sizes of businesses at affordable prices. can keep your business on the minds of your clients and potential clients. These tips will help you use effectively. Purchase direct mailing lists for marketing- targeted consumer lists, business lists, new mover mailing and specialty lists. As a permission-based service provider, MailChimp doesnt allow our users to send to purchased, rented, scraped, or stolen lists of email addresses.

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Our marketing services include free newsletter templates, management, automation, real-time reporting, social integration and more. Free trial! Answers is a full service email marketing company and agency, providing cleaning and validation, creative design and campaign management. Marketing by VerticalResponse makes it easy to send newsletters, offers, invitations and autoresponders to grow your business. It's free! Need Ready for marketing automation? Create, send, segment, and track your emails with our award-winning solutions. If your business has an online presence then the opportunity exists to build a very effective A targeted allows you to. Your source for all lists, leads, and databases. Use business lists and consumer lists to contact your target audience. MailChimp provides marketing for more than 14 million people globally. Send better emails, connect your e-commerce store, and sell more stuff. Learn how to build an using these eight simple yet effective building strategies-including both online and offline tactics. Learn why you should never buy an if you want to run a successful program, and get some tips for building an opt-in from scratch. Offers the Best Database of U.S. Email Names, Mailing Lists, Sales Leads, Database Services, Data Enhancement, Data Analytics, Campaigns and. marketing lists are core elements of each marketing campaign.

All marketers desire to promote their products or services in the most effective way. Integrated marketing, automation, and small business CRM. Send beautiful newsletters, setup behavioral based automations, and benefit from sales. Mailing Lists - - InfoUSA - Nation's largest business & consumer company. 25 million business and 245 million residential sales leads Online solution to engage subscribers, target an audience, send beautiful, responsive emails and track results. Were here to provide data services that maximize the value and performance of. Sign me up to receive communications from ListGIANT; Direct & mailing lists from InfoUSA. The nation's most accurate & reliable business & consumer postal & email lists to drive successful campaigns Think marketing is dead? Not only is it alive and kicking, it remains the most effective and profitable way to turn prospects into customers.

Five Ways to Collect Email Addresses By Jim Kinkade

Conducting effective email marketing imperatively means having a clean and manageable list of email addresses. Home grown email lists collected over time are by far the best and most productive option. When first entering the email marketing space however, it may be desirable to supplement a new inactive list with additional addresses. Here are five ways of acquiring email addresses. Ask for customer addresses whether customers walk into your store or visit you online, make it a practice to ask for their email addresses. Include email address fields in web pages where other customer data is collected. In fact, supplying an email address should be the de-facto requirement necessary for your customers to conduct business with you online. At your brick and mortar business, put a signup sheet on the counter where customers can get discounts, special offers and new product announcements when they leave their email addresses with you. Create a customer newsletter one of the best ways to collect addresses is to put out an informative newsletter that offers value to your subscribers on a regular basis. Customers who come to your website are looking for information in your area of expertise. Sending informative industry updates or the scoop on the latest technology is a popular way to accumulate addresses. If the quality of the newsletter content has value, the email has a good chance of being passed around to other individuals who otherwise may have never heard of you. A good email newsletter has a high viral marketing component to it, increasing its ability to attract new visitors and thus new subscribers. Append existing addresses A good way to build an email list is to append the email address to other customer information collected in the past. Commonly, a brick and mortar business that moves online already has a list of customer names and addresses, but may not have their email addresses. There are companies that perform email append services where they will attempt to find a known email address to associate with the other information already gathered. Buy a list this option offers the most risk to your email reputation; plenty of time and care must be used in researching the list broker. There are many email harvesters who collect addresses and sell them on the cheap to spammers, these lists must be avoided at all cost. Look for a targeted list that highly qualifies their leads, confirms addresses inclusion, and uses a clear statement on what the person subscribing can expect. When shopping for a list, it is best to find one that is closely related to the industry niche your business covers. Once you buy a list, you can use it however you deem fit for your email marketing campaigns. Rent a list like the purchased list, a third party collects rented lists. Rented lists are typically only available for a specified, one-off campaign agreed to by you and the list broker. Again, it is imperative to go with a reputable list broker when using a rented list. They will have email addresses seeded throughout the list to ensure that the address is not being sent anything outside the agreed email campaign. It is possible to invite people on a rented list to sign up for future email marketing correspondence, thus turning a rented list into an in-house list. In all cases, a clear email policy with a description of how the email address may or may not be used is vital. Conforming to the federal CAN-SPAM Act is imperative, and this includes honoring unsubscribe requests within 10 days and making sure a physical address is present in the outbound messages. While not required by the CAN-SPAM law, the best way to accumulate quality email addresses is to confirm their inclusion to the list. When someone signs up initially, a confirmation email is sent to the subscriber, who must then take additional action to confirm that they really want the information offered. This helps prevent people from being maliciously signed up for emails they never intended. With your opt-in list in place, it is time to start using the information gathered to take advantage of the high return on investment email marketing delivers. Keep the email list clean of failed emails, honor unsubscribes requests as soon as they come in, and the benefits of email marketing will be realized in no time at all. Arial Software